It Started With Pencil and Paper - March 15, 2019 thru August 25, 2019

The Ohio Glass Museum, is pleased to present its 26th exhibition of glass, “It Started with Pencil and Paper,” March 15, 2019,  through August 25, 2019.  The exhibition will feature the ideas of the designers of established, well-known manufactured glass patterns.   Three specific designers, employed from around the world for our local glass companies, will be highlighted.   Many other designers’ creations will be on display as well.  Sketches and/or patents and blue prints will accompany finished examples of glassware produced.


These gentlemen were involved with the creation of one of Anchor Hocking’s most popular patterns.

Can you guess which one?  Come by and see the story behind the creation of this pattern beginning

March 15, 2019  at 5 p.m. through August 25, 2019.